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What is Cabana Air?

UV Air Filter

You may be breathing air, but are you breathing Cabana Air?

You spend most of your time outside of work at your home so while you are there why not breathe the best air possible?


At home we are susceptible to many things dust, pollen, allergens, mold, bacteria, and carbon monoxide.

Breathing Cabana air eliminates those harmful pollutants. 

How do we achieve Cabana Air?

Cabana Air is achieved with 4 steps:

1: Install a 2" or 4" Heppa, or Merv 8 Filter

2: Roto Brush duct cleansing process

3: Antibiotic germ eliminator smoke treatment

4: Install UV air purification system

Cabana Air has many wonderful attributes that you and your family need to insure a clean, healthy, safe, and wonderful experience for your body. In your home, or workplace the most important thing in your life is to live, and to live you must have air so why not give it the very best you can? Cabana Air has the training and experience to deliver it to you today.


Don't settle for air. Breathe Cabana Air.

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