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Cabana  Plan - Maintenance Agreement

A Bi-Annual 24 Point Diagnostic Evaluation of your HVAC System.


Believe it or not, your HVAC system can get sick just like a member of your family. Now since this is one of your largest investments as a homeowner it is in your best interest to keep this from happening. Very similar to a doctor a Cabana Certified Technician can  diagnose  problems,  and arising issues. We can also prescribe treatments based on our findings.

After all your systems mechanical parts can get worn down over time. Dirt, and dust can get trapped in your condensing  coils, electrical wiring can rot, or need rewiring, and many other problems can arise.

Fortunately regular check ups can stop a lot of this from happening , and that’s why we have The Cabana Plan Plus. A bi-annual 24 point check up for an easy $144.00.

Summer Check Up

  • Check Evaporator Coil

  • Monitor Expansion Valve

  • Check House Breaker

  • Check Electrical Connection

  • Evaluate Safety Control

  • Measure Temperature Difference

  • Check Start / Run Capacitors

  • Check Start / Run Relays

  • Monitor Refrigerant Levels

  • Check Noise Levels

  • Measure Voltage Difference

  • Check Filters & Thermostat

Winter Check Up

  • Evaluate Vent System

  • Check Airflow

  • Check Noise Levels

  • Check Combustion Air

  • Carbon Monoxide Test

  • Measure Temperature Difference

  • Check Fan Blade Tightness

  • Check Thermocouple

  • Check Flame

  • Check Filters & Thermostat

  • Evaluate Safety Controls

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