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About cabana

Chip Gavlick

Cabana Air was started in 1999 as a father-son team; two men stepping out on faith to start a heating and air conditioning service company. My father had just experienced corporate downsizing at his job, and I was 33 years old with 11 years of air condition service experience along with estimation work looking to try my hand at the HVAC industry.

In 2000, with the support of my family and a nudge from a willing investor, I purchased a corner lot off Hwy 90 & 410, and made Cabana Mechanical, Inc. (which later became Cabana Air) an official running business. Armed with experience, a resilient attitude, and motivation, my father and I set out to conquer the Heating and Air Conditioning industry.

Our first investor, Mr. Tips allowed Cabana to be the only heating and AC service provider for all the commercial properties he owns, and from there the Cabana name grew by word of mouth to a premier industry leader due to its great customer service and reliability.

After several months of being established, an uncle of mine who was involved with government contract work, came to work for Cabana Air. With guidance and help from my uncle, Cabana was awarded its very first government contract. The project was a big success! The general contractor was greatly pleased with our work, that he offered Cabana Air the opportunity to take over all of the projects he was in charge of. The Company was now taking on more work and beginning to grow.


Over the next four years, from 2000 – 2004, Cabana Air was awarded contracts to install AC units in 17 out of the 22 dog training facilities at Lackland Air Force Base.


After so many years in the commercial industry, I decided to expand and provide the same level of outstanding customer service in the residential arena, and not just for our friends and neighbors. Cabana Air is now dedicated to providing the very best service at installing new air-conditioning units or improving already existing A/C units.

Cabana Air is a simple heating and air conditioning company that prides itself on the highest level of integrity, honesty, and loyalty to all its customers.

Let Cabana Air be the air you breathe in your place of work or residence today!

Mission Statement

Cabana Air

Our mission is to provide an outstanding level of service that our customers appreciate, Cabana Air treats our customers as if they were our personal family by tending to all their heating and air conditioning service needs in a proficient and honest manner. We strive for excellence in all that we do, and back our work with a warranty and 24/7 availability.

 Duane "Chip" Gavlick

Chip Gavlick

My name is Duane Gavlick, but I simply go by ‘Chip’; I am a 1985 McCollum High School graduate who grew up in San Antonio, TX along with my two siblings. My dad was a painter, and my mom worked at HEB in the accounting department. Growing up, my dad taught me to be the best brother, friend, uncle, husband, and father I could possibly be. He also taught me to take pride in my work, to work smart, and to enjoy the simple things that life has to offer.

 At age 19 I gave my life to Jesus Christ, and He has allowed me to have joy in the hardest of times and a sense of security when there was none. Not long after, I met my beautiful wife and the mother of my children, Shelia. We now have two ambitious children, Dystanie and Dustin who are now in college, and one amazing granddaughter, Averie.

In 2008, God allowed me to take on a ministry with a young adult youth group, (which I now work with at the church I attend), and 3 years ago I was officially ordained as a minister in the Baptist church.

Serving God as the youth Pastor at my church, taking care of my family, and managing Cabana Air is what my life is all about; I’m living a very blessed dream.

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